February 5th, 2016
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JPM Pool Cage Painting & Restoration

JPM is the first businesses to specialize in pool cage painting & restoration in Sarasota, FL. After many years we have perfected this trade. Our unique sprayers release more air than paint, thus cutting down on accidental spray on plants, decks and other surrounding areas of the home. We also take the time and care to protect these areas with light canvas to be sure that all areas are free of unwanted paint and fumes (we don’t use plastic as it would kill the plants and isn’t environmentally responsible).

Prior to painting your pool cage or screened lanai, we take the time to prep our work to ensure lasting color and weather resistance. We guarantee our workmanship and paint. We also offer remote pricing (in the event you’re schedule doesn’t allow us to meet to provide a free quote).

Here are a few of the steps that we take to ensure proper painting of your pool cage and screen enclosure:

Prepping the pool cage is the first most important aspect when painting a pool enclosure.

• Next we pressure wash the area with a turbo tip to insure all loose paint and rust will be entirely removed along with all white or bronze chalk.

• It is imperative that the area is pressure washed and perfectly as paint will not adhere properly to the cage if not.

• After the pressure washing phase is complete, all bolts, if not being replaced, will be wire brushed followed by a coat of oil primer to prevent rusting. All the areas on the cage that had paint removed will be palm sanded.

• After sanding, the walls of the cage will be whipped down with a damp cloth to remove debris and reduce oxidation.

• The cage will then be dried completely to insure it is ready to be painted.

• We have a large selection of bronze and earth tones, allowing us to match your newly painted pool cage with your natural surroundings (we also offer custom colors).

Now Serving the All of Southwest Florida!

We’re happy to accommodate requests for custom quotes throughout South Florida in order to facilitate ease of use for our future customers. Our expanded coverage includes: Naples, Bradenton, Tampa, St. Pete, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.

We understand that selecting a company to work on-site is an important decision.

If you’d like us to provide a quote or schedule a screen enclosure painting project, simply fill-out the contact form on the side of this page or call us at: (800) 609-1417.